Obesity Day 2020 4 Martie

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Join us in celebrating World Obesity Day!

An opportunity to raise awareness of the life-changing benefits of Bariatric Surgery

Many IFSO European Chapter (IFSO-EC) members will be celebrating World Obesity Day on March 4th, an ideal and timely opportunity to draw attention to their hospitals and the life-changing benefits of metabolic/bariatric surgery.

Initiatives range from hospital open days, to seminars for referring physicians, social media campaigns and briefings for local TV, radio and newspapers.

Many of them are being run in collaboration with the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), supported by Medtronic and Novo Nordisk.

World Obesity Day offers a ready-made opportunity to highlight both the availability and the benefits of metabolic/bariatric surgery. The media are very interested because it is topical, and it is a perfect excuse to invite prospective patients, their families and healthcare professionals to come and see what we offer.

Some hospitals that have held obesity day events in the past have reported a significant increase in patients afterwards.

The World Obesity Day logo is also available to use on websites and patient communications.

Further information can be found on: https://easo.org/advocacy/world-obesity-day/about-world-obesity-day/

Hospital open days – Some tips to help you

Some of the most effective events you can hold, in conjunction with World Obesity Day, are open days; inviting prospective patients to visit your hospitals to see the facilities and to talk to you about the treatment options available. A few tips:

• The open day doesn’t necessarily have to be on World Obesity Day itself, as long as it is close enough to be called a World Obesity Day event

• Offer additional reasons to attend: free BMI and health check-up opportunities, advice and consultations from dieticians and nutritionists, the opportunity to meet past patients who have successfully undergone life-changing surgery

• Include demonstrations to give people the chance to see and understand the surgery equipment and how it is used safely

• Invite referring physicians to learn more about the treatment their patients receive when they are referred to you

• Invite the media: hold a press conference or press briefing at the same time and offer them the opportunity to speak to you about the treatment available. And, if you play your cards right, you could secure a feature spot on the local TV news

• Advertise your event using the World Obesity Day poster artwork (https://www.worldobesityday.org)

• Finally, use the World Obesity Day hashtag #obesitydayeurope to generate conversations and interest from prospective patients and healthcare professionals following World Obesity Day activities.

Prof. Gerhard Prager

IFSO-EC President

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