Academic September 2023 - Congresses, meetings, conferences

Academic September 2023 - Congresses, meetings, conferences

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September is a rich month in congresses, meetings, conferences. Return to work means as well return to science, debates, research, socializing and new experiences. Basically, my autumnal activity involved oral presentations, videos and e-poster activities, working lunches and dinners, panels and conferences on bariatric and metabolic surgery.

Some glimpses of my presentations and forums of this month:

  1. Gut microbiota and metabolic status shift 1 year after laparoscopic ROUX-en-Y vs One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass. Results of a Italian, multicenter randomized control trial.
  2. Trends and safety of bariatric revisional surgery in Italy: multicenter, prospective, observational study.
  3. Intraoperative criteria to proceed to hiatal hernia repair (with Prof. Silecchia).
  4. Readmission and Reoperation Rates after Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery in an Italian Center of Excellence IFSO-EC.
  5. Materials matters through time working dinner.
  6. BARIAlink Academy @ IFSO Naples 2023 (both Congress session and social meeting) and online on 14th of September.
  7. Experts’ Forum Discussion Session: Dietetic, Medical and Surgical Considerations when Operating in Extreme Obesity BMI > 70kg/m2
  8. Experts’ Forum Video Session: Bile Duct Injury during Synchronous Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass and Cholecystectomy.
  9. Innovations in Minimally-Invasive Surgery: impact of technology’s evolution on surgeon’s well-being at Stress Congress 29.09 in Bucharest, Palace of the Parlament.

It all started in Naples by the end of August with the World Congress of the International Federation for Obesity Surgery, together with the National Congress of the Italian Society of Obesity Surgery in the incredible city of Naples, Italy. There was a rich scientific program, a social one as well and an amazing possibility to meet with friends, colleagues and collaborators.

It continued with the 4th World Congress of the International Bariatric Club at the University of Oxford, a fantastic opportunity to present the results of our very complex studies. First one was on the modifications of the gut microbiota induced by gastric bypass surgeries and the second one on actual trends of revisional bariatric surgeries, both multi-centric italian studies. That means that different university centers collaborated for these studies and this was not easy to put together all the data, appointments, meetings and results!

Anyway, it shows that there’s a continuous interest in research, in finding new ideas and solutions in order to improve the quality of care offered to our patients.

The presentation on Gut Microbiota Shift after Bypass Surgery during the International Bariatric Club Congress in the University of Oxford at placed third from 20 carefully selected, worldwide abstracts at the British Journal of Surgery (BJS) Oral Abstract Prize Session, evaluated by the two independent assessors of the BJS! Thank you #ibcclub1 for this opportunity!

The scientific activity during the International Bariatric Club World Congress was completed by another dinner in the famous Great Hall of the Christ Church, legendary place of University of Oxford, where professors and students usually eat together.

The last talk of this months is an invited lecture on “Innovations in Minimally-Invasive Surgery: impact of technology’s evolution on surgeon’s well-being”, presented at the Palace of Parliament in Bucharest, during the 6th edition of the International Stress Congress. This year’s congress theme is “The Challenges of Digitalisations in Medical Stress Management”. The rapid evolution of medical technology, it’s implementation in the day-by-day surgical activity and in the operation room means a lot of benefits for the patients, but in the same time a lot of new challenges for the surgeons.

Thank you International Bariatric Club, thank you IFSO and SICOB, thank you Ana Aslan International Foundation for all these opportunities! More than this, thank you Sapienza University of Rome @sapienzaroma for allowing me to study, research, publish, present and be present!

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